A half hour respite

Whilst driving to my daughters work (Don’t get excited, I had taken the required 1000 mg of Paracetamol & a 50 mg Tramadol, to be able to get into the car & then sat on a Hot Water bottle, with a second one wedged in between my back & the seat);  A song came on the radio – heralding an 80’s throwback half hour.


YEP – The unthinkable happened. I cracked my fingers off of the wheel in time to the music & found myself singing – all the way to her work…. a full 25 minute journey.

THE song that started this half our of pure bliss off?

The Blow Monkeys It doesn’t have to be this way – How bloody ironic….

After this song finished, I carried on singing, I probably looked demented to other road users on a cold, grey afternoon, but the moment had taken me (as had Bros & A-Ha et-al)

But when I came home I sat & searched the Blow Monkeys on -line & specifically the lyrics. I loved them when I was younger and the lyrics just about hit a nerve – But one I actually didn’t mind it hitting…..

It doesn’t have to be this way
Just count the hours
Cos when your bed is made
Then baby it’s too late

There’s no hope for the hungry child
Whose joker is wild
They take all hope away
And by the end of the day

Well I just about have enough of the sunshine
Hey! What did I hear you say?
You know, it doesn’t have to be that way
You! When you walk out the door
You’re gonna ask for more

It doesn’t have to hurt that way
Just count the pain
You’ve only got yourselves to blame
For playing the game

There’s no hope for a hungry child (no wonder! )
Whose joker is wild
And they take all hope away (no wonder! )
And I just can’t see the sense
And my mind’s a haze (no wonder! )

It means something so different to me now – BUT is still a damn good tune – I still have a crush on Dr Robert X


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