Crikey – Someone actually knows!

Pity he is in America & seems to (still) be in a minority.

I just came across this article.

Rhuematology Now – December 2015 by Jack Cush MD

I would advise a quick peek – It doesn’t really tell me anything I don’t know, BUT it does give me hope that slowly the Medical profession are starting to listen, learn & get with it!

A little of what he writes is below….

  • by Jack Cush MD

I’m always amazed at how often fibromyalgia (FM) is either misdiagnosed or not diagnosed.

More surprising is the patient with chronic pain, myalgias, arthralgias, fatigue, and a sleep disturbance and there is no consideration of FM.

I can best address this problem by offering up my clues for the diagnosis of FM. But, before I launch my “tips” on this facile diagnosis, let it be known that: 1) I am certain that FM is a real, diagnosable pain amplification disorder; 2) I see and care for patients with FM; 3) I have an evidence based plan for FM treatment; and 4) patients with inflammatory disorders (lupus, RA, Sjogrens) may also have FM, myofascial pain, and sleep-related musculoskeletal pain.

Clues to a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

  • Widespread pain: widespread and impressive musculoskeletal symptoms whose history is not substantiated by physical findings
  • Notalgia: this is a term I invented to identify patients who bring so many notes to the visit that you hurt! This includes too much ink on the page and 4 minute answers to a yes/no question. This indicates the patient’s inability to prioritize complaints, issues, and findings — hence they are all important.
  • “I just don’t like taking medicines”: while this may be said and may be true, FM patients tend to overuse health care services, see numerous consultants (seeking a correct diagnosis) and are given numerous add-on prescriptions and therapies.
  • Multiple autoimmune/inflammatory disorders: while it is possible that two autoimmune conditions (e.g., lupus, RA, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Sjogren’s syndrome, Behcets, interstitial cystitis) may exist in the same person — it is infinitely more likely that one or both of these is the wrong diagnosis and that FM may instead be the right diagnosis


For me – I agree with many many points – especially – I am sick to death of being palmed off with painkillers & anti-depressants & mood stabilisers & Muscle relaxants et-al. Its not that we “just don’t like taking tablets” Its that – We DONT WANT TO BE THIS PERSON… We never made this as a “life choice” – In fact – Thank you very ,much, I was ejoying my career & my teenage children & my busy social life thanks!

BUT _ even though some of what he writes annoys me slightly (I hate being “lumped into any group) as I still feel unique & worthy of being a “human being” in my own right. This MD seems to be heading along the right path…. Please Doctors / Nurses / Pysios / Whoever you are – Remember – We “spoonies” were once YOU!

Now I am off to take a couple of these poxy muscle relaxant tablets as my right leg is still ceased up & I am walking as if I have been spinning round a broom after a drinking game LOL (See – positive thinking always) X




One thought on “Crikey – Someone actually knows!

  1. As an ex -nurse though in mental health for over 25 years before taking early retirement I am struck by how many people I see as an aromatherapist who have chronic conditions which have not been adequately addressed by the conventional system.

    Sadly, I am not able to offer a cure. I find I can often help but suspect that my having half an hour or more of time to talk with them before giving the massage which is usually over an hour is as beneficial as the treatments I offer. So often the conventional medical system does not give people the time to really feel heard.

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