Mothers Day

Oh how I long for the Mothers days of old. (By old I mean of 3-4 years ago).

Today’s started with an hour of painful manipulation of sore points and aching limbs just to get out of bed, then an hour just to sweep the floor and plump the sofa so my house looked presentable. (I’ve skipped the 2 hours of crying while trying to wash, get dressed etc, as it’s boring).

Now I’m waiting for my eldest to arrive, and I’m happily snuggled on the sofa with my big bear of a dog. The thing is I am angry at myself as I know I really will hurt as I move to greet my daughter, and that takes the shine off the day.

I’ve already had a bit of a ding dong with my youngest. Over nothing more than (from her point of view), me not wanting to go out today – being moany/lazy, but the truth is – I’m already exhausted and made a row up so I didn’t have to be that “sickly” woman again.

I already feel terrible, this time a few years back we would’ve been out as a group, all doing something lovely, visiting a farm, watching a film, seeing friends etc: but now..  I’m pretending to watch a film that I’m so engrossed in I couldn’t possibly do anything with my beautiful girls 😦

Anyway. Happy Mother’s Day all X X

My spoons departed about an hour ago. I’m borrowing from tomorrow’s so don’t expect too much from me Monday lol.

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