Panic hits!

Its 22.08 & I have an “energy moment” – If you have a chronic illness, you will understand (especially if its a Fibro / CFS type illness). Every now & then it hits you – A moment of – “Bloody hell, I can move” – SO I am on my PC, desperately creating Flyers for 2 of the charities I support in my “spare” (aka able to move) time.

Now some people may see this as a stupid thing to do – “Why are you doing this, why not relax & enjoy the short respite” –

To me this is a opportunity to be useful & as a “normal” Job with “normal” hours has faded away into oblivion…. I want to stay as useful & productive as I can…. This gives me that….

Last year, the spurts of 20 minutes here & there (mostly at night), where I could get on Social Media & help to publicise Charities & help with their event promotion, helped to contribute to events that saw kids go on holiday, fed people in food-banks, saw disabled people get disability aids etc etc…… I am still fighting the “label” I have found myself tagged with…. But I so totally understand how people find themselves in dire straights & need charities to assist.

Tired woman are sleeping

I cant “work”in the normal sense of the word now…. Who’s gonna employ someone who (although highly competent, experienced, intelligent & qualified), Cant even get out of bed without crying, cant shower without crying, cant drive without painkillers & hot water bottles (and all on their own schedule not the 9-5) needs to have the speech recognition software as there’s a distinct possibility her fingers wont work and may well NOT be able to even think clearly for 2-3 days at a time…… OH & needs to have at least 24 Tablets a day (9 different drugs) with her just to be here. (Lets hope THAT company doesn’t do drug testing) LOL

So this is MY contribution & pay-back I suppose (even though I’ve worked from 17 – 48 years old already) LOL.


Now I am a tired, So that lasted all of 23 minutes 😦

Bed time

Better luck next time 😦

I am a spoonie XXXXX

3 thoughts on “Panic hits!

  1. Really nice post, I completely understand. I have ME and have basically spent the whole weekend in bed but when I have my mini spurts of energy I always try and get something useful done – even if it just having a shower!

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  2. I do exactly the same. During one of my “peak times” I completely cleaned up the bedroom – and ended up stuck in bed for two weeks, unable to do anything about the new mess piling up. I can’t even put my clothes away now, after my husband washes them, and I can’t expect him to do it all so they just pile up on top of the chest of drawers 😦


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