Sorry its an angry one

wf(They will get better) I am not always angry – BUT you see, this is my outlet for the real me…. The Fading Ghost….

The other me (The “before Spoons”, behind a mask, me) has had a great day, sorted out some charity’s problems over the phone (some advice I called them with – I don’t know them, I just knew what to do to help & was laying on the sofa feeling shocking, when I saw them tweeting out that they needed help)… So there was the”Before Spoons” me – sounding fine & being a “healthy” & helpful person, giving some advice & hopefully helping someone (like me) eventually….

The “Before Spoons” me was also very productive online & set up a whole 2 weeks of tweets for a small charity that tries to help kids with life-limiting illnesses (less than 6 months) – I do this as time-set retweets from a couple of accounts I have – Which link to various businesses I have met & dealt with before the Ghosting/Fading started. Again I hope this 45 minutes of shouting at my Laptop may just get them in front of someone over the next 2 weeks that can help them…. Just 1 tweet at 1 moment can change a life….

Anyhoo – That’s what the Before Spoons me did.

The Ghost felt terrible for 95% of today. The workman who came to fix my door handle actually told me to go lie down as he thought i was gonna fall down ūüė¶

BUT that’s not why I am angry

Today in the British Press —–

Headline News —– A Tennis player is being chastised for taking a “substance” and that’s rolling news!

Meanwhile in the world of us “Lesser Mortals” the Lord’s whipped off their wigs, bent over and Royally fucked every sick disabled¬†and ‚Ä™poor¬†¬†citizen of this country, as apparently reducing ‚Ä™ESA‚Ĩ by ¬£30 a week will miraculously heal us, make us walk, cure heart conditions AND WILL ACT AS AN INCENTIVE TO GET US SPONGERS TO WORK ! YEP you read that right, by taking away some of the little benefit the long term sick get –

(Here’s the list of who voted to take this away from the ill & disabled)

But let’s not be mean – Let’s look at it in a positive light – The Tory Government have promised this will work Miracles & CURE THE SICK & DISABLED! They are 21st Century healers of¬†biblical¬†proportions!

They are able to perform miracles that¬†consultants, doctors and medicines¬†‚Ĩetc have NEVER been able to do – They are able (by cutting the sick & disabled safety net of paltry money) make severed limbs re-grow, make irreversible¬†brain¬†damage – reverse, make seizures abate &¬† Cancers¬†subside….. We are all in the ¬†UK¬†truly blessed to live under such an omnipotent & good Government…

Sorry – Sarcasm is my form of defence against¬†Arseholes (Tory’s in short).
Just how many suicides,¬†¬†deaths from lack of medication or malnutrition is it going to take before the Hard Working Public stand up and say ” hold on , this can’t be right, I pay tax to help the sick and vulnerable, the disabled, why is this happening, and where is this money going?”

Do you not realise our tax is paying for Cameron’s Henchman and cohorts to scare the crap out of everyone so we vote to stay in the EU?

Plus they are hoping their measures will ensure we (the sick & disabled) are all going to die before the next election or be so ill through malnourishment & stress we cannot get out to vote.
Also your monies are paying for Cameron, to go on these cosy trips to the EU to “Get a special deal”.

Your monies are going to private landlords to buy up public land on a build now pay later deal, “affordable homes ” is a false flag, there is no land in London left to build on, its been sold off , to people who don’t even live in this country!

Your “council homes & RTB are being sold off cheap to tenants, who in turn fall behind on payments & sell to Government’s friends & families, who then rent back at extortionate rates to the Local authorities, in a fraud at epic proportions which is covered up in “we are doing this for you – you aspirational little person”!

And don’t get me started on the absolute tragedy that is TTIP

LIFE IS GOING TO GET HARD VERY HARD, so we will either have a society that stands together and says NO MORE, or we become a society that says FUCK YOU I’M ALRIGHT JACK!
I know which one I’d rather – BUT I feel me & a few of my mates who stand alongside me, are getting fewer & fewer sadly.

GRRR – I’m going to bed – Amitriptyline at the ready


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