Pain Clinic Experience continued

Continued from earlier blog

So, We had all given our “bio’s” & diagnosis’ while sitting in a semi-circle & up jumped the first speaker – who explained they were a Physiotherapist who was going to work with us to help us understand our pain experience…..

(ffs Its not like we’ve bought a bloody Red Letter event)

But apparently, this team of “experts” will help us all make changes in our lifestyles / perceptions which will benefit us – thereby minimise the pain we feel….

(At this point we are asked if we need a “stand up break” as they are aware we can possibly be in pain)

OK, So me & 11 other people (none of whom have Fibromyalgia, I was in a group which had people in who had sciatica, Arthritis, Frozen shoulder & a Hip replacement), are now taught about pain. a full 20 minutes on how the body reacts to & perceives pain & why……Seriously, We are then told how long the body takes to heal from damage – literally how long in weeks / months!

And then given notes to say – By definition – your pain, which has lasted past 6 months, is now Chronic……………………………..


Then we were asked to go round the group & say what the Pain is stopping us from doing.. There were answers such as “lifting up my daughter”, “playing with my grandchildren”, Riding my motorbike”, “singing in my church choir” – I just said “being me”……….

(I knew this wasn’t for me….. I knew it)

So then we listened again as we were told that our issues were because our spinal cords were malfunctioning & pushing pain through at a rate higher & faster than is really happening, BUT they understand, to us it’s a real pain.. (As if that’s a good thing, Like we should be grateful they believe us) however it’s not a justified pain, it’s not in balance with actual injury……..

So, basically, All the problems that were in that room, were all down to a malfunctioning nervous system………………….

(hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm – I will write more soon (I’m exhausted & its just past 5pm) – Obviously that’s my nervous systems fault (Sarcastic bitch).)


One thought on “Pain Clinic Experience continued

  1. Except that recent research suggests that it is malfunctioning nerves in blood vessels that causes FM not a problem in the spine. Now I am sure that this is not going to be the whole answer but someone working in a pain clinic should know about this! They should also know about the research on what has been tried and helps and what doesn’t with FM! I have done a placement at a pain clinic some years ago now where they did not try and impose a one solution fits all answer to pain. The one you are going to doesn’t seem to have learned the lessons at least some others have.


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