Pain Management Clinic Fiasco

I want to start by saying, I really believe the people running the clinic are truly 100% convinced they are “helping”….. But a 1 size fits all type approach just doesn’t cut it. Not with us “spoonies”.

My doctor convinced me to try a “Pain Management Programme” – run by a very impressive sounding “Centre of Pain Education” at a local Hospital…

Well I’ll try anything when Im in pain & feeling about 90 years old…. So off i went, for an assessment & for the first meeting (4 months after the assessment) – At which point I didn’t go back. Here’s why.

The assessment made me feel like I was in the right place, I felt like the Psychologist was listening (you are seen by a psychologist, physiotherapist & a Nurse). A one-to-one meeting, where you discuss your problem/ illness, the how’s, why’s & everything.. It took over an hour & I felt for the first time – someone actually cares & understands. So was looking forward to the clinic.

On the day of the first clinic, I arrived, but was in the middle (week 3) of a flare – I was clutching a hot water bottle & crying in pain, couldn’t sit & felt bloody awful, BUT I had been told at the assesment, if you miss the first meeting you are thrown off the course (8-10 meetings).

There were 12 people there – all with different illnesses / disabilities, all battling pain issues.

Portrait of business people discussing a new strategyNow anyone who knows ME (me before I started to Ghost away) knows I Give group training (sorry, Gave, I really must get used to speaking in the past tense).

I gave group training & motivational speeches etc throughout my working career.

I don’t do well actually as part of group sessions – I am loud & questioning but always articulate (sorry, I was Loud & questioning —- Blah blah blah, you get the picture).

We were seated in a semi-circle (me on my hot water bottle, now feeling bloody stupid) & proceeded to introduce ourselves & state (for the group) our disability etc….

(I should’ve got up & ran out, BUT getting up & hobbling was even out of the question)…..

20100224-frustrated-woman-300x205Once the sob stories were out of the way (mine included, which I hasten to add was swiftly put to bed with a ” I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but don’t believe I have it, However I am worse today as I’ve slipped a disc”), We were told what to expect.

Apparently over the course of these group sessions, we are going to be “taught” how to understand our pain………………………………………………………………………..

I will leave this blog there & continue later –

One word sums up my thoughts – Condescending

Your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Pain Management Clinic Fiasco

  1. One size rarely fits all. If it did, my work as an aromatherapist who works with some clients with chronic pain issues would be easy! Easy but boring! If there really were one size fits all answers to most of what brings clients to me, not just my ones with chronic pain, someone would have packaged up the answers and made a fortune out of it.

    Actually there is one bit of what I do where one size fits all, especially when I am at my best. – That is I really listen to what my clients tell me. It doesn’t mean I have all the answers. Sometimes if I can get the pain down from ten to eight or even just to nine, that is seen as a success. A group where someone is allowed to, “Trump” your pain is not being run in a way where you are really listened to. I don’t know if you are going to carry on with the course, it may or may not be worth it. I don’t know you or those running the course so can’t really judge.

    Good luck whatever you decide!

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  2. If I said what I really think about pain clinics, I’m sure I would be thrown of WordPress. Having said that, I have heard that many others have found them wonderful, so please at least give it a go, you never know, I might just have been unlucky 🙂

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