The Stress Response – Pain Clinic Pt3

Sorry for the gap – I’ve been a bit tired for the last few days (actually exhausted). But I really want to explain why I’ve “given up” (I say given up as that’s what many people will see it as – personally I feel it’s the WRONG “treatment “for Fibromyalgia) on Pain Management Clinic.

So now we get told about Stress – Apparently Stress & tension opens the pain gates… So stress is a major issue to anyone suffering from ongoing pain.

We were told that Stress is a natural response to life threatening problems / issues, which occurs not only in humans, but across the whole animal kingdom. Think “Fight or Flight”.

They say to imagine your feelings discovering your home has been invaded, think how you’d feel; Muscles tense up, Breathing quickens, Heart races etc – Then we sweat – the body’s way of making us cool down (as all the above heats us up).

All the above responses are getting us ready to Fight the intruder or for Flight away from the intruder.

BUT nowadays the problem is, many everyday situations cause stress, the problems the Fight or Flight response happens to are minor (in the big scheme of things) such as traffic jams, being late for work etc etc. The reaction of your body is the same BUT there’s no need to fight anyone / anything & nowhere to run!

This can cause ongoing symptoms due to the build up of negative hormones – such as migraines, shaky hands, Sweaty palms etc….

This (according to the psychiatrist here) is a great warning sign that you need to tackle your stress levels….


So the answer?


And here we are given relaxation techniques to use… as its taken as a given that the stress responses we are (assumed) having are now just habit – not real or valid!

And we MUST give these a go as

  1. It WILL lower your stress levels
  2. It WILL Help you cope with situations you find difficult
  3. It WILL help you function better

(all of the above assumes you are having unreasonable stress reactions out of habit).

So we are “taught” Deep breathing & told to look into meditation……….


I’ll leave “Stress” there as this still gets me annoyed……….I am Stressed…. It’s not habit!

I don’t row with other drivers or get anxious over spiders or worry unnecessarily over bills etc – I am stressed as my life has disappeared completely as I knew it!

I am completely  affected I used to be athletic,  used to be a business owner (Still am Yet can’t even work it any more so it’s failing), I used to be fun, happy, charitable, the go-to person for many many people and then my life was taken over by pain, cracking bones, muscle spasms, migraines that make me want to commit suicide, bed-ridden days & sleepless nights. I have visited doctor after doctor, consultant after consultant, only to be told repeatedly that I am “unlucky” & have multiple problems – all adding up to fibromyalgia… So get used to it.

SO Stress?  Unreasonable


Pain clinic – No thanks



2 thoughts on “The Stress Response – Pain Clinic Pt3

  1. This makes me so sad-I understand this struggle-not sure how old you are but out of my 30 years I’ve been battling fibro for 15 (even though they never diagnosed it back then). Just wondering if you’ve ever tried working with Live blood cell and dry blood cell analysis? Pain is overwhelming for me right now-and normal blood tests covered by the government werent showing anything-finally I feel like I at least have a voice for it-ever heard of it/done it? It isn’t cheap but its giving my docs an internal look at whats going on with my body and how to help it-aka-bits of HOPE. I actually just wrote a blog about it. Anyway, yeah, I hope you have a cat or dog to cuddle up to-that helps me with my stress!!! ❤

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