I’m AllyMcBeal – Just old & ill!

I know it was Al Green who regularly made appearances in Ally McBeal – however this version, just really “gets me”.

I feel I could’ve been her, I did what she did (sorta), Had a stressful career & was a bit whimsical, BUT always held my own in Male dominated industries, Like Cars & Insurance etc. Difference was, I was Married with 3 kids for most part. However even when I was divorced & 3 kids – I was still holding my own. Was always organising events, things like easter quizzes etc Just to bring some fun to stressful workplaces… I also always had special music days on days when it was a singers birthday etc….

Like Ally, I was always longing for my “Billy”& the dancing baby & a Unicorn to appear….

(Ally aficionados will understand).

But of course, they never did & suddenly I woke up, ill, unable to work on most days, now skint (being sick drains finances Believe me) and I’ve almost lost my “whimsy”.

Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes still search for Unicorns in fields & wish for Al Green or in my case a certain UK singer, to pop up unexpectedly & just belt out a song that everyone just stops & dances to (Think Barry White & the Toilet Dance at Cage & Fish).

But the sparkle (my sparkle) has tarnished and its more & more difficult to hold onto.

I am hopeful I will have just ONE DAY before I die, when the whimsy & wonder is back, where I can dance pain free & in fun with my girls…..

I long for my Ally McBeal……

Im probably gonna spend a few hours trying to find the series on ebay now, I really want my girls to watch it.


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