Fibro and Work

Having Fibro and trying to complete ESA / PIP  questionnaires is like asking a blind man to play darts (Sorry if that analogy upsets anyone) BUT it sort of fits.

You see, Stress increases the symptoms, So a difficult day (as practically all of them are) can go from just “difficult” to absolutely devastating in a matter of seconds.

With physical symptoms manifesting along with the usual headache, sickness, Painful joints and all manner of other very uncomfortable things..

ESA / PIP is not easy to get, not by any means.. Especially now, with all the Tory rhetoric about shirkers & skivers – Us with Invisible illnesses must look like the worst of the worst… (However I suppose I am partly to blame, as I refuse to complain on Social media about the day I am really having & am constantly putting out “happy” posts & Smiley photos Hashtag – #ThanksSnapChatFilters)

I have reluctantly – after many ear-bashings from my GP, resigned myself to the fact I am not able bodied anymore…

Just writing that has me wanting to curl up in a corner & cry!

NOT ABLE BODIED….. What a fking horrible phrase – BUT it sort of fits… I don’t see myself as “disabled” yet my body is not doing what it should be. My legs shake, my hands hurt, my joints click, my stomach doesn’t digest things properly, I have lumps growing in places they shouldn’t (internal – which is a small mercy as I know Id cut it off if anything showed).

But yes – I’ve relented & have now resigned myself to being home, indoors, in pain & unable to be a productive part of society (according to the “Skivers & Shirkers” believers).

However I know with patience and lots of Tramadol, Codeine, Paracetamol & Amitriptyline – I can create great events for small Charities and people who need help.. It just takes me about 10 times longer than it would’ve.. BUT they don’t care.. they are in a position like me.. Any help from a smiling face & lovely people is appreciated….

Anyhow, Im gonna stop talking to this and get on with posting info about the next match #MillersStars – I think Im gonna miss this one after 4 months of preparation its not only disappointing, its soul destroying…

However I will give a great excuse, so no one worries unnecessarily.


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