Christmas Event

Its been a while since I posted – Ive been helping a small charity in Derby with their Christmas event..

They help families who are having a tough time to have holidays in the UK.

Anyhoo… It means a trip to Derby.. I’m actually really nervous about the drive, My hip has been really painful for a few weeks and my back aches constantly.. However I am taking some of the Football players with me, SO that incentivises me NOT to complain..

I can envisage 3 – 4 stops on the way there & back so I can pop some pills…

This has been a really good event to help with though, its kept my mind off the fact that I’m at home, creakily making coffee, eating a rare sandwich etc… As on line it look like I am out there, organising stuff, speaking to Celebs and arranging hotels etc –

When in fact – I am organising a Christmas shenanighans like no other – all from my bed…

I hope it goes well. They deserve it – Linda will be there, so I know I have a friend who knows whats happening if I flake out…

Today has been a day of pain in my hands……….. They ache constantly and sometimes when I try to make a fist or grab something, my little fingers just – don’t…Its weird, they sort of get stuck.. like they cant bend & the pain is so sharp.. Believe me, I don’t make them bend and forget about what it was I wanted to “grab” haha – thankfully this only happens every now and then…

My eyes are playing up too.. I really need an eye test.. BUT am worried about  what they will find.. I already have a “Floating Octopus” – Its the remnants from a bleed in the back of the eye that just sits there – your brain is fabulous.. It screens the octopus out automatically..  So I am a bit wary of “poking the bear” so to speak.

Anyhow, Ive just started setting up some tweets to advertise this event – Thank you to my fab Dragon speak… Oh & did I mention its 2.30 in the morning – Another great thing about Fibromyalgia – NO SLEEP..

So – What to wear to the Christmas extravaganza…From “Miss Stilletto” Ive rapidly gone changed to –

Seeing a cute pair of heels and realising I’m now struggling to walk in flats!





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