The 6 Stages of Fibromyalgia (7th added by me).

I found an article that was written in 2014 by a woman named A. Wise. She talked about there being 6 stages of fibromyalgia. I read through them and was a bit stunned when I reached the final and 6th, stage. Let me do my best to sum up Ms. Wise’s 6 stages. You notice […]

via The 7th stage of fibromyalgia. — I tripped over a Stone.

I found an article that was written in 2014 by a woman named A. Wise. She talked about there being 6 stages of fibromyalgia. I read through them and was a bit stunned when I reached the final and 6th, stage. Let me do my best to sum up Ms. Wise’s 6 stages.

  1. You notice something is wrong. You hurt and are tired. You may begin to research to find out what is wrong with you.
  2. You are in a lot of pain and are taking some sort of medication for it. You are exhausted everyday.
  3. You are in constant pain and constantly fatigued. You go to work, come home and sleep.
  4. Unrelenting pain and fatigue. You call into work more that you are physically there. You spend most of your days in bed. At this time people begining to doubt your illness because you could do things in stages 1 – 3 that you can no longer do.
  5. You have just quit or have been let go from your job, you are struggling to make ends meet. You are applying for long-term disability.
  6. You can no longer hold down any kind of job. Simple tasks you took for granted now drain all of your precious energy. Now you are not only dealing with pain, fatigue and medications but the side effects as well. You probably now know more about fibromyalgia than your doctor. You find you are without hope.

Shes is so right – However I think Stage 7 could be –

Anger & refusal- It sort of is for me…
I don’t think I will ever yield to this horror…
I will continue to search for answers – for reasons…
Its all I can do.. I refuse to believe this horror of an illness just randomly happens….


5 thoughts on “The 6 Stages of Fibromyalgia (7th added by me).

  1. Hello Life as a Spoonie readers and Karin! What an incredible blog you have created with so much good information Karin, I love it. However, I wrote the 7th stage of Fibromyalgia. I hope your readers will read my blog post in its entirety and then consider your proposed changes made to stage number 7… thanks for the great comments and a very interesting discussion this AM Karin! I will definitely be following up and absolutely will follow your blog! The best to you! ~Kim

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  2. I think there needs to be extras added to stage 6. Where you get tired of being the lone wolf in your family & friends, on bad days you cannot walk any better than your 70+yrs mother & Hubby laughs at you, makes snide remarks. About that & No one understand! They Think you are faking the pain to get attention or get out of work or you just are plan lazy! They get mad at you for everything you don’t do & do not notice for the things you do. You feel worthless, you hurt everyday beyond an 8 on the scale of 10. You have chronic fatigue. No pain meds. Are touching your pain & you feel like you are going crazy & there’s No doctors will back you or notice fibromyalgia.

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  3. I’m adding a stage 8
    Are there days I need to sleep until I’m recharged? Yes. Do I take naps? Yes. Do I try to stay within my limits? Yes. But I will NOT allow my body to control my life.

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    • I remember when I used to say that.
      I wish I still could.
      I think, when it comes to illness, sometimes we can reach a point where we continue to say that to encourage ourselves to make it down the hall without falling and, in my opinion, when you reach a point, where your body simply will not ALLOW you to do any of the things you enjoy about life that, make life suck a little less, then to say your body won’t control you is just wishful thinking or, self delusion.
      But hey, whatever works! 😉


  4. I have fibromylagia,ostero arithritis,neuropathy in my feet,and degenative disc disease in my back.I am 75 years old and have had these problems since I was in my forties, I was given iburophen until I got immuned.I had both shoulders replaced.secondly they put me on darvocet,until I got immuned to that.I got so bad they put me on hydrocodone 10\ 500, I wasn’t addicted,i only took them when I needed it.They then put me on 5\325 which didn’t help much.When I was on the stronger dose I made 1 month supply last 3 months.Then they passed the law about the optium,my Dr. want give me anymore,I have been told twice that they were going to get me an appointment with pain management,I haven’t yet got a call.I don’t know what I’m going to do,I can’t keep going with this pain.

    I have also had both knees replaced,and I am having so much pain in them,but they say the pain is coming from my back.I also had back surgery when I was 32 years old.Sometimes I feel like just giving up,no one wants to help and this pain is getting the best of me.

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