It’s a beautiful sunny morning am I am cracking my self out of the position I’m in, so I can  get out of bed to look out of the window. 

Birds are singing, sky is blue and I can hear my girls up and about getting ready for work. 

Everything sounds and looks good…except me.

I did that thing last night, noted every time I woke up on a bit of paper, just to see if it’s as bad as I feel in the mornings. 

( you see, sometimes you know you’ve had a broken sleep but you forget how much)

So here goes.

Went to bed at 11.15. 

Text Brad ( my friend) back at 11.35

Don’t remember anything else so must’ve fell asleep.

1.25 – awake

2.10 – awake

3.12 -awake until 4.30ish

5.26 -awake until 6.00ish

7.34 – awake

8.11 – awake and up.

Exhausting as every “awake” moment is joined by cracking bones and painful movement.

Lol anyhow….

It’s a lovely morning at least 😎😎😎

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