A post without a title

Honestly don’t know what to call this post.

Over the last couple of weeks have been throwing myself into organising things for Celeb FC. I think this is probably because when I am in a period of time when I feel okay (when I say okay I mean in in pain, but utilising 2 dozen tablets, I can manage and to look normal to everyone, actually function almost like myself but inside I’m still screaming and angry and upset) I find myself doing way too much way too fast trying to get everything in before I fall.

So over the last two weeks or so I’ve been trying to help and lovely young lady with a charity ball, not that she needed my help she’s way more proficient at organising charity balls than I am as this is only the third one that Celeb FC have been involved in but you know she’s got so much going on, with a little one thats not well.  I really wanted to help her as much as I possibly can such as an advertising and getting some celebrities (the more well-known ones) on board to attend the event; I am hoping this helps with the selling of tickets and make this event one of the best events that she’s ever been involved in. She’s really caught my eye and my heart as with everything that she has going on she started her own charity help other people who have their things going on. I really like people like this I can’t describe how wonderful people who are going through such tough times yet still find it in their heart to help other people, are. People like this young lady are the reason why I push myself so hard, not only on good days but also on the bad days because there are glimmers of sunshine even in those dark times and this lady is one of those glimmers.

Also been organising the Celeb FC photo shoot at one of our new sponsors out let in east London; which when trying to get a group of people together, let alone celebrities sports people TV personalities who all have their own busy lives, is always a mammoth task. However the photo shoot went really well we did have a few dropouts but that was to be expected. The people that did turn up are most definitely the people that really truly understand Celeb FC what we are , and why we do what we do.I cannot express how grateful I am to the people stick with us. As I think I said on many occasions this is my “crutch” for want of a better phrase and it helps me to keep going and Celeb FC means everything to me.

When my whole life changed probably if I am honest with myself about 7 years ago I knew something was wrong but actually changed with full on diagnosis 3 1/2 years ago now, I needed to do something that I

  1. believe in from the bottom of my heart
  2. could invest my time in but not to a schedule that would be too punishing and would be able to let me pick it up when I could
  3. would benefit other people as I’ve always been a true believer helping others if you have the opportunity or the capability
  4. would be there on the day that my doctor said you can no longer work (as I knew that they would surely come)

I’m not sure that people understand how much Celeb FC gives me.

I’m not sure that I understand Celeb FC gives me.

But I do know that I am now going into I hope what will only be a few days, of “downtime”: as unbeknown to my children I woke up this morning (after a very broken night) in excruciating pain. Try to imagine if you can trying to walk on the beach with no shoes, after mountain climbing the three days without food without water, without sleep and knowing that this feeling could last a couple of hours or couple of weeks.

That’s where I am at today – however there is a plus side – today I am channelling my inner Madonna, wearing my headset, dictating my blog (thank you Dragon speak).

Always happy to hear from fellow #Spoonies – Please feel free to comment below XXX

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