Military battles (A bath).

Everyone I have met (mainly through online forums) with Fibromyalgia & other “invisible illnesses” always tries do more than than should, on our “easier” days… and no matter how many times we pay the price for it, we do it over & over again.

I am a prime example.. I know why, its because I want to cram in everything I need to get done…. I want to prove to myself that “I” am still here, capable, self-sufficient, strong, independent, in all my glory… And Prove it I do….

However I pay for it too

Be honest, none of us ever want to admit, or give in to, our limitations, even those without illnesses or disabilities to contend with and that’s why pacing is important. Important but so difficult to adhere too.

I’ve had a lot to organise for the Celeb FC events recently, Flyers to design, events to publicise,people to rally, Celebs to contact, Press releases to send & chase, Sponsorship to find & then pay out for kits etc… Believe me, if I was well, I think this would’ve been my calling & maybe I wasted time managing other peoples businesses for 30+years LOL.

BUT I’m not “well” & this takes its toll – the above should take a few days to do, it takes me a good while longer, stretched out over days (mainly in PJ’s on a laptop in bed) and usually only achievable thanks to the wonder that is Dragon Speak!

Anyhow,  Im now feeling so damn tired & in pain that yesterday whilst drying my hair I was quietly crying; Thanks to the hairdryer getting heavier & heavier & the pain in my hands, trying to grip that beast of a gadget becoming so intolerable, that my new hairstyle is “rough wet/dry chic”….

Tonight my legs are like lead & my back is killing me & Im gathering up the courage to go lay in a bath (the bath itself is lush, BUT the whole cacophony of pain involved in the actual logistics is making me weigh it up like a military operation)…

I’ll let you know how “Field Marshal Rough Hair” got on tomorrow XX



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