Waiting on another option

I remember clearly the day I was told by a “specialist” – “You will be ill every day for the rest of your life, it will feel worse some days than others and it will never get better”.. that was a bit of a shocker.  

It was also the day I decided they were wrong. Even though I’m taking all the drugs they prescribe and I feel all the pain they said I would and experience all the symptoms they said I would, I still work on the premise they are wrong. I struggle most days. I’m in pain, I can’t think straight, I walk like everywhere is cobbled streets and I don’t have any shoes on etc.

It’s so bloody irritating, hence why I’d really like another option. 

Fibromyalgia, diverticulitis, arthritis, and all the other things I contend with are ( in my opinion) just the symptoms of something else. 


It’s just one of those days.


One thought on “Waiting on another option

  1. It’s an interesting though that FMS (and other illnesses) may be just a sign of something else, something deeper, that can be explored and maybe “fixed”. I have met others with a similar outlook, some of whom have overcome FM/CF symptoms. I hope sincerely that things improve for you, at least a little (every bit counts!!), and soon!

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