Its just an awful day

If there was ever a day I wish the Tardis was real & Dr Who would just rock up & take me away – Today is it.

I just don’t understand why, no matter what I do, I never seem to catch a break… Believe me Im no “whiner”, I am a coper, I get on with stuff, BUT sometimes, just sometimes, I just really wanna disappear.

Today (after a night of no sleep, partly due to pain, but mainly due to watching a tragedy unfold on TV (The Manchester Arena bombing) – I have had nothing but problems pile up today.

Turns out a “celeb” has supplied me with an image that they were not the owner of, now the “owner” – a photographer is pursuing me, telling me Ive infringed their copyright &* I must take the picture off of flyers & social media etc.. thing is.,.. Im just me…. I don’t have the manpower nor money to redo everything & its for a Charity event that I hold dear… Im really struggling & he (photographer) is absolutely adamant, this has got to be done… I swear he thinks Im lieing & Ive deliberately stolen his work & am making millions from it 😦

Then, I get a letter from HMRC – Ive been going through a massive complaint process… Its way to difficult to completely explain, but the crux is – during the time I was made “single ” (I say made single , as no one expects to be “de-married” after 20 years & left with 3 kids) and was recovering from cancer, looking after a disabled daughter, who was having multiple surgeries & my father had just died, I nearly lost my home & I was struggling, working 2 jobs – AND HMRC overpaid me…. Not a little – a lot – a whole £38 (Disabled Child Credit) a week for 2 years. Add that up – It is now due back to them – They want it – NOW!

Ive been arguing for 6 years that it was their mistake – the paperwork is shocking & it never showed up clearly… Plus now – almost ten years after the fact, I am no longer working 2 jobs. I am at home, in pain, on 12 different tablets a day ( taking 22 a day) just to function & event then, there are days, I DON’T.

The adjudicator has clearly (on 6 sheets of the whitest paper I have ever seen) set out the law that HMRC follows & the procedure it follows & says they have paid a £60 compensation for cocking up slightly, BUT that the Tax office are due their pound of flesh back…. Pity they cant be as robust with Google & Starbucks & Jimmy BLOODY CARR!

I actually have no idea what will happen now…

I have nothing, own nothing & feel pretty shit right now..

Come on then – lets be having ya.


3 thoughts on “Its just an awful day

  1. This made me so sad and so angry!. 😦 When it rains, it pours, and it’s always pouring shit! I am so very sorry. I feel like govt always finds a way to screw us regular folks over, while bending over backwards to accommodate the ultra-rich (who don’t even need it!). Is filing for bankruptcy an option for you, if you cannot handle the debt?


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