Possible split personality?

Just a question for anyone out there who has fibromyalgia.

Do you sometimes feel like you have a split personality? 

One for the outside world, who shows up and does what they need to do ( with a smile); then one who is sad, slow, aches constantly and wants to cry at the least little thing.

Is it just me? 

It can’t be…..

4 thoughts on “Possible split personality?

  1. I don’t have FM but know a few people who do. two give the impression to the outside world that all is well even when they have to almost crawl home in order to collapse. Another talks openly about her struggles with it.
    I suspect what you describe is very common given that it is a condition that is still poorly understood, probably vastly underdiagnosed so most with it have to run the gauntlet of not being believed for years before finally getting a diagnosis. The not being believed tends to foster hiding problems. Great that you are able to talk about it here.

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  2. I feel the same too. I try to show how I feel cause I get accused of being lazy, but after 7 years my family is finally starting to sympathy. My husbands family (except for his aunt) is much more accepting. In public, no one really gets it, my husband is my biggest advocate.

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  3. I do the same, and I have since we’ll before the current round of symptoms that has earned me the possible fibro diagnosis. I have given work presentations with migraine-induced double vision that made me unable to actually SEE the words on my PowerPoint slides and to be subtly bracing myself on the table to hold myself up. If you have more migraines in a month than your work offers sick days in the whole year, you kind of have to. But, the U.S. does not really have an insurance safety net (and what little we had is about to be stripped from us.) I’ve always seen that as just what you have to do to protect yourself. If you want to KEEP having the money to see specialists and have a chance of getting a better treatment for your chronic illness, experience has taught me in the U.S. you are better off NEVER risking your insurance provider (AKA work) actually knowing how bad your symptoms really are 😦


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