Days of Nausea 

So, my new doctor is really good, she’s really putting the effort in to make me feel better. I think the fact that her student doctor is lovely and her and I have “clicked” helps too.  

So over the last 6 months, between them they have finally got me to a sinus specialist ( after being is pain since my teens) who discovered a deviated septum and some misshapen bone- which has totally explained my constant sinus issues. Now I’m waiting on an operation to fix that. It only took 30plus years to diagnose lol.

But not only that, they’ve been really trying to help me feel better in myself. Reviewing my multitude of tablets etc.

So to that end, I’ve had a new tablet added and one removed. 

I’m on day 9 and feel sick as a dog lol.

I have a review in 4 days but not sure if I can make it. 

My whole life mantra is have a sense of humour about it. But going to bed feeling wobbly and nauseous and waking up wobbly and nauseous is a bit soul destroying. 

I’m just so glad that although I’m home because I can’t work with these poxy problems, I have the charity stuff I do. It keeps me sane. I have always been a workaholic. Thrive on stress and deadlines kinda girl – so I’m soldiering on. 

Nauseously soldiering on!

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