Coffee shop blues 

I cracked myself out of bed at a respectable 7.30 this morning. Respectable if I’d slept all night, but I’d had just over 3 hours sleep in 10- 15 minute chunks with 40- 50 minute breaks in between and believe me, I knew it. BUT the sun was streaming through my window so up I got!

Today I had loads to do. You see, this week I get an award. Something I’m far more used to handing out as in my life before I “Ghosted” I was one of the founders of the Green Guardian awards and held some fabulously prestigious events – handing out awards to environmental friendly companies, I loved it. However, accepting one for myself is very difficult for me and the lovely people who have organised it didn’t even give me a hint of a chance to decline as they know me so well 😆

So I have an awards ceremony on Thursday evening which has meant I needed to write a biography.  Which of you’ve ever tried to do one, is really hard.

Anyhow – that took all morning ( it’s also now residing on this blog. I suppose it makes sense to have some info about me on here too).

So that leads me to now. I spent 3- 4 hours this pm after taking my afternoon tablets, feeling sorry for myself. My hands have been throbbing like mad and my hips are too. I’ve also got a really horrible headache. But it got to 5pm and I thought I had to go out. Just get some air, so I nipped to my Tesco ( not actually mine, but it’s near my home lol). Nestling inside there is a lovely coffee shop called Harris and Hoole. They do The Best Flat White! ( believe me I’ve had loads of them). So here I am with my flat white and sitting watching the world go shopping.

Do I feel better?

Usually I would.

But right now all I’m seeing are young families and it reminds me of when  my ex husband and I would bring our daughters here shopping. 

DAMN I wish I had a time machine.  

Some days I really feel if I could go back I’d change everything ( and nothing).

Time is cruel – Life is crueler 



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