Dancing With The Devil

So I’ve been on new tablets ( added to the million I’m currently on) for about 2 weeks and have had the weirdest dreams.

I’ve always had an overactive imagination, ever since I was a child. I had an imaginary friend – Robbie ( or so everyone tells me he was imaginary, I could see him and feel him as clear as anyone else) from the age of 2 until he left when I was about 9/10. So weird dreams and a propensity for the odd are nothing new for me.

But these are SOMMIT ELSE!

Nightmares – playing on my biggest fears ( I only have 2 real phobias in this world ) and for the last few nights, boy has my brain been at work!

I won’t go into what my fears are- but suffice to say – these Nightmares are  very scary, very personal and very very lucid!

Not really understanding why all of a sudden I’m having a spate of these dreams – I had a little search online and low and behold- the new tablets have listed as a side effect – Lucid dreams / Nightmares / Suicidal thoughts.

Hahaha well – they seem to be working for the reason they are prescribed, so the dreams and Nightmares will have to be put up with.

And as for Suicidal thoughts – if I can survive my life so far – I could dance with the Devil himself and still not feel Suicidal.

Maybe I’ll post some of the dreams on here – after all- my Nightmares may be the next best Hollywood blockbuster.   🙂

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