Good Will Hunting 

My mum has Dementia. It’s horrible – I can’t explain….

I mention this as yesterday was Robin Williams birthday and although many people feel he commuted suicide due to depression, his wife and close family believe it was because he couldn’t stand to watch himself disappear before his very eyes. You see, Robin had dementia.

Today I woke up, in pain ( my own fault, I went to a charity party last night ) and after a coffee and my usual 10 morning tablets along with an extra 3 painkillers, I am snuggled up on the sofa. 

Flicking through channels I found “Good Will Hunting ” which was half way through. However thanks to the wonders of SKY, I found it on their cinema store and downloaded it.

If you’ve never see this film – You simply must!  

Robin Williams is absolutely amazing, as is Matt Damon.

The film touches you, 

The longing for something better and being scared to reach for it.

The secrets of childhood troubles many of us have and never disclose.

The potential another person can see in us.

The way life can be like mud, sticking you to one place – but one person can pull you free.

The film has me in tears – as it always does.

It’s the first time I’ve watched it since Robin Williams death… It’s all the more poignant.

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