Today is day 2 of feeling shocking!

Anyone with Fibromyalgia or many of the other energy stealing illnesses will tell you, that when you get a day of feeling “OK” – You binge on the “normal” things you used to take for granted.

Things like walking down the end of the garden & pruning a tree, driving in your car for over 15 minutes (that’s the norm if your legs ache like a bitch), Playing catch with the dogs for more than 3 /4 goes…..

Well I’ve done that for almost 10 days straight – Seriously – I thought I was on holiday from me!

The garden looks great, The dogs are loving me, I’ve been to see friends I haven’t seen in ages & I was BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously – Selfie taking – Filter loving – M25 driving – Frappe drinking – BACK!

BUT that was until yesterday – I woke up feeling like I have a cold coming – Well Thats how the old me would feel – Before I had a cold coming! NOW it is like a ominous foreboding feeling of The monster that is Fibro, dragging at your very soul, laughing as he whispers in your ear

“Your life as you’ve enjoyed it for the last week or so is over… Now you will be a ghost, in pain & unable to function… And the bit I enjoy is you wont know how long for or how much pain, or what level of non-functioning you are gonna get”

and with that, off he goes, to linger round my house, like the malevolent monster he is….

SO When this happens, I try to remember the great words of comfort from the medical profession….

Fibromyalgia is “JUST” a medical condition that you”got” 5 years ago…..

And although the symptoms can feel similar to arthritis, “it does not cause inflammation at the joints or muscles” (that’ll be your actual arthritis kicking in).

You have a medical condition that impairs the joints movements & functionality and causes chronic pain, it will also cause you to experience sleep problems, headaches, and temperature sensitivity, as well as memory difficulties and numbness or tingling in arms and legs. You will also become hypersensitive to stimuli that are not painful to others, may have parts of your body that feel as if burning lava is being poured on them yet may have other parts that are so stiff, you feel like you have frozen.

Sorry but there’s no cure, no known actual cause & no medication (except painkillers & lots of meds that address secondary issues, such as depression, heart problems, blood pressure, arthritis, kidney problems, stomach & digestion issues blah blah blah).

Oh that’s ok then – Im really looking forward to “ghosting” again for a few days / weeks then…If that’s it…. Sounds like a breeze!

Fed up

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