Painkillers & Medications – or Clarity

Do painkillers work for fibromyalgia?

I personally hate taking my painkillers, the feeling of swallowing that many Tablets (as invariably I am  taking another or 2 or 6 at the same time as the painkiller) is akin to shovelling garden shingle into your mouth and swallowing it.

You can of course do the one by one method, but believe me after standing 10 minutes or so eating Tablets one by one you pretty soon give up on that idea.

But I don’t want to sound ungrateful, as I am happy there are pain inhibitors that I can make use of. After trial and error with some lovely things such as Tramadol, Ibuprofen, paracetamol, codeine and various mixtures of the above I have settled with between 8 to 10 paracetamol tablets a day (500mg each) along with a couple of lovely “other” kinds of tablets.

So overall if you have the right level of pain relief it can work, however this is dependent on your level of pain and other symptoms you may have too.

There’s also the problem of when the normal doses of paracetamol and other tablets just are not cracking through that pain. What you do?

I have Volterol gel for my wrists and my hands when they hurt terribly; along with amitriptyline, which completely zonks me out and although it will affect the immediate problem, the pain I’m in, amitriptyline means you can’t get sensible conversation out of me at least 2 – 3 days.

Feeling spaced out is not what we want and by we, I mean us below invisible illness / pain problem sufferers.

I have sometimes worried about functionality when taking all of this cocktail; but I do friends will tell you if I need to attend an event, go out and pretend everything is “A” okay or if I just need to clear my thoughts, I cut right back on all my tablets.

To be honest if I were taking all the pain medication that I have been given for because of fibromyalgia diagnosis was made there is no way Celeb FC would be running.

My beloved non-profit baby was founded/created on a weekend when I was free from the diagnosis of this hideous illness but during the time when I knew something was wrong.

So, to me sometimes side-effects are worse than the benefits, and my only option is to swallow the garden shingle to keep muscle spasms and migraines at bay but to have everything else at hand in case I need it.

Plus, I also wish I hadn’t been so adamant that I wanted to get into some sort of hospital/medical related profession when I was younger. If that was the case I wouldn’t know what hell is being rained down on my internal organs thanks to long-term use of these horrible drugs. #IgnoranceISBliss in this case!

I read a blog the other day from someone in America that was written over six years ago;

Leoni said “I have to say sometimes suffer the pain is better than going up the analgesia ladder and suffering horrendous side-effects that can and do occur. I really hope I find a level as the stronger doses are given to me over time as the body gets used to the levels its already given and the pain tolerance decreases is frustrating as the vicious circle begins”

Oh gosh is she right – it’s a toss-up every day you can be spaced out but not in too much pain (I say not too much as it NEVER goes away) or you can choose not to take those tablets and have a couple of days of clarity but feel awful and know that it will take you a number of days to get rid of the feeling of fatigue that will hit you at any minute.

To me right now it’s the tops of my legs!

Don’t know why but both of them feel as if they are being pummelled by a boxer every morning before I get up and throughout the day. As I walk it feels like I am constantly going up a 25° gradient. This is a fairly new experience for me as I have had trouble with my hips previously which was alleviated slightly thanks to steroid injection at the local hospital but never this feeling of total fatigue in the major leg muscles.

Sitting down is painful, standing up is painful, laying down is painful – so here’s the problem, I have so much to do my brain is buzzing with ideas to help people, buzzing with notions of how I can make things better and I’m not trying to be a” blow my own trumpet” kind of girl, but I know my ideas are sound and I want them to work.

So, do I dose up and stop the pain or do I continue to push to try to achieve what I know is achievable.

Chronic fatigue and widespread pain is pain in the arse.

Fed up

One thought on “Painkillers & Medications – or Clarity

  1. You have put this dilemma really clearly. Of course, each person with FM experiences it differently. Of my clients with it some can’t tolerate anything other than a very gentle massage and others find something deeper helps the pain more. The aromatherapy oils that work for clients vary too.

    If everyone with a particular condition was the same life for me as an aromatherapist would be so much easier but a lot less interesting! good luck with finding the right balance for yourself in this.

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