Many people with an Invisibleillness will understand the title of today’s blog post.

It’s a day we have to live many times over.

To the outside world the day is no different to any other- to me and others who have them a “WSAS” day is when you have chores to do / errands to run and there a no choice but to do them. 

So you put a face of makeup on ( believe Me, today it doesn’t help,  I look awful) and get on with life, despite feeling thoroughly rotten. Yes today I am nodding and smiling, walking slowly round shops as I have to get my mum’s shopping and some clothes she needs. 

But I would much rather spend today in bed with lots of painkillers and no light.  I feel bloody awful, aching joints, headache, stomach ache, shaking thighs and sinus pain that’s like a volcano in my face. 

But right now I’m sitting in the car, preparing to nip into Co-op…

Yes I will WSAS 


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