What leads to your body giving up

I once had a blog…..

A blog that I ran because I was working & fed up…….

A blog that I vented on as I was so angry and tired ……..

A blog that got LOTS of reads, lots of shares etc…. One that I was completely hidden behind….

BUT today I re-read some posts from the 3-4 years leading up to my Fibro kicking in & you know what….. I BELIEVE being truly sad … NOT depressed… BUT Sad, fed up & with good cause, has led me here….

Below is an excerpt from one such post, First written a week before Christmas 6 years ago….

First posted December 2011

I got up this morning at 6.30 am to get ready & set off to work (Job 1 of 3).

I ran around the freezing cold house (My home for 20 years, which I may lose soon as I am struggling to afford the rent), trying to get dressed as quickly as possible, as there is no heating.

This isn’t due to the timer not clicking on, or even because there is a temporary fault – This is due to the fact that living in Britain today, people like me, who work 2/3 part-time jobs, who are not “caught in the benefits trap “ completely but teeter very precariously at the edge of it; are in abject poverty.

There is no heating as there is NO Gas.


There is no Gas, as after I pay my monthly £500 rent & £140 Council tax, my £60 telephone & TV, my £50 rental for the Washing machine & freezer, my £60 insurance for my (10 year old ) car, my £22 AA cover for same car (as if it breaks down, I can’t get to work), My Electric (key meter) of £20 per week. There is NOTHING left from my salary.

In fact I go into a very definite minus!

My Working Tax Credit gives me an extra £65 a month & I have Housing benefit of £18 pw (the figure above takes that into account).

I live how the Con-Dems want – I work & I have my adult children living with me, as they are not (in this governments eyes) worthy of their own properties (if they were they could start to behave like adults & be more productive members of society as they would feel a part of it, not hated by it)!

(I just want to be clear here – They CANT AFFORD the “Affordable homes“, they don’t have thousands of pounds saved for deposits etc They cant afford to rent privately as Low income jobs do not pay enough). BUT They WANT TO WORK.. Let me also be clear – The UK needs Social Housing back as a basic right to people who need it! A rentable property at a sensible cost – If they had that – they could take a lower paid job, afford the rent & be productive!

Because they live with me, again I get penalised, as I have 2 adults in my home, however as they have no income, I AM RESPONSIBLE for them solely!

No Child benefit, No Single persons discounts etc for me… Someone who has working their whole life in low/middle income professions, provided for my family & am hurtling towards 50!

The above takes no account of food, heating (hence why the gas is off), clothes, toiletries, cleaning products etc etc  The list could go on.

Any way, I rushed downstairs to see if I could put the boiler on (I KNEW the Gas had run out yesterday, but call it a mothers hope ) & noticed a very sad looking – pale mossy green bottle of Fairy Liquid.


When I picked it up – I was surprised to see it had partly frozen hence the colour.

Do you know what – I cried!

BUT then Mr Cameron., I did what many many of us do.

I got ready in the freezing cold room, went in & kissed my girls, Told them not to get up till as late as they can (to keep warm) & went to work in -5 temperatures.

I do not want pity, I do not try to elicit that at all! What I want is for people to realise Benefits claimants are not all the Feckless Scroungers this government are making them out to be.

I just want to know why things like this happen?

How I can work so bloody hard & have to eat cereal daily?

I want to know how I can’t afford Christmas yet the Government (all parties & their buddies jet off to tropical climes for lavish holidays every yearpaid for by people like me?

I want to know why massive businesses don’t pay tax, yet I have money deducted every month without fail?

I want to know why me & my children are less worthy of heating & hot water than someone who is in the “elite”.

Anyway – The washing Up liquid should thaw by the time I get home.

Oh how I hope my Petrol is lasting till Friday, Or it’ll be a 7 mile walk to work in -5 by the looks of it!

On a lighter note & with some sarcasm – has anyone seen this!

Are any of these front pages really telling YOU the NEWS!


Or are they feeding the masses the next best trick of miss-direction so we wont see what’s coming next?

Please wake up UK – We need a change & many of us need it fast!

Just one typical morning for me a few years ago – Just after my life of Work, Family, Marriage & happiness crumbled…… I really believe the “Sad” I felt then & felt for a good few years contributed to the Fibromyalgia…..

What do you think?

OH & as if to underline this – I am listening to Smooth Radio & on comes Whitney Houston singing “Didn’t we almost have it all” –


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