Being Better

The last few weeks since Christmas have been busy for me. I’ve been invited to be on the board of 2 new charity / community groups as well as having to raise the sponsorships needed to keep CelebFC viable for 2018.

Pair these jobs with trying to survive day to day with fibro – tearing at your very being daily and you’ll understand I am extremely grateful I am a stubborn witch!

My independent stubborn nature is 100% why I can and do function through the pain… I truly believe if I was a different person I would crumble.


Painkillers, betablockers, anticonvulssants and many other meds in hand daily I face the things I want to accomplish head on!

I’m aiming in 2018 to “BE BETTER”.

To raise more money for more small charities, to connect more people who are ( in my opinion) nice human beings and to say “Yes” more times than No.

I’ll keep you posted…



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