Local elections

Just had another person knock on my door (3rd in 2 weeks) re voting..
My Thoughts-

1) My area is currently Labour
2) My area has always (since I can remember) been Labour or Split
3) All 3 visitors to my door have been Conservative
4) Labour councillors never once helped me when I wrote to them about my NFH & “House that Jack Built” problems over the last 15 years.
5) A Conservative councillor was the only one who stood in my corner regarding the above.
6) All 3 Conservatives have listened & agreed with my main issue – Lack of Social Housing & the need for local people who live or work & contribute to society to be given a fair chance at a local home.
7) The gentleman today was young & enthusiastic but took the time to listen to my thoughts – A great quality for an aspiring politician.
8) In the end my choice of vote is my own.. The things above don’t sway me – I’m actions rather than words!

Overall though, How can the Labour party be for the people when we don’t see them, we do however see cuts (police, health, school places & assistants) & there is no Housing for our children – in fact social housing is cut under their watch. AND How can Conservative have such great Local Councillors who listen & empathise & want to help BUT at Downing Street & Parliament level be so damn elitist & destructive towards the wonderful working class of the UK (of which I am proudly one).

I really think a NEW party is needed.

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