Really? MORE?

Since my last blog, I’ve enjoyed some tremendous highs & some awful lows.

We (the non profit I run) have helped to raise a huge amount of money for some small charities in the last couple of months, something I am eternally proud of.. The Team & the people who help do this really do keep my mind focused.

However I’ve also had some really tough moments.

  1. Mum going into hospital & then being released into a new care home as the old one she was used to “couldn’t meet her needs” any more..  Shes angry & confused & still 3 months later – very difficult.. The joys of Dementia.. However the home itself is lovely, far better food & care than the other, so its a good thing, only issue at the moment is paying for it. The social worker said all that was “in-hand” & discharged mum after she was re-homed.. Now Im getting bills weekly for an amount my mother can not afford on her pension (Double her income)…And despite writing numerous letter & email & speaking to numerous people – Still no NHS Care funding assessment is forthcoming.. Its a terrible thing Dementia, BUT whats worse is how this country treats people with this disease.. Anyhow,I wont bore-on, Its just something I deal with daily
  2. I’ve had new symptoms appear & the Dr’s are still baffled.. Wheres Dr HOUSE when you need him ay?  So I am getting palpitations of an evening when I sit still for a while & I am very lightheaded when eating (not after – actually during)as soon as I stop eating I am fine! – The latter symptom leads me to not want to eat.. BUT I still ain’t losing any weight so my pre-Fibro self is still as elusive as ever!

The cacophony of tablets I take are annoying & make me feel sick,  I really wish I could just press a re-set button & get off of them all….

Anyhow – Just wanted to say “Hi & I haven’t forgotten my blog”.. I’ve just been a bit exhausted… a bit XXX

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