Its our 5th year

And I am organising a gala – Free for all the charities we have helped & the celebrities we have had along with us..

Its so hard, not only because of lack of funds, BUT because some days I’m in no fit state to organise the making of a cup of coffee, let alone a Charity Gala – BUT here’s where good friends are invaluable – & as I  have said before… Your friends after you have “Ghosted” are not the ones you had before…

You see, They know “You -Before” & the new you is very different.. Its not their fault & its most definitely not yours… It is just a fact!

So don’t despair if your friends change… I’m very happy with my new support network.. I could NOT do what I do without them.

Celeb FC couldn’t exist without them & I couldn’t get to events on may occasions, or pull up at service stations & spend an hour or 2 feeling terrible, without them… All we need, us spoonies, us ghosts are 1 – 2 great friends…

So the 5th year Gala will be a huge challenge & yet – Karin goes headfirst in – Doing something many many event companies will tell you cannot be done… Oh well – That’s me – DON’T TELL ME “You cant do that”.

Have a great (well, comfortable) day my spoonie family XX



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