Friends are the family you chose

I am so incredibly lucky right now. Someone saw how hard I work for small charities, for my mum, sometimes just to get up in the mornings and chose to do something amazing for me.

I am writing this from Tenerife… I am on a 4 day break. The first break I’ve had in over 12 years..

I cannot put into words how blessed I feel right now.

I’m on day 2.

The 4 hour flight and the packing, trip to the airport and trip from airport to the villa etc literally wiped me out so the first day was spent with loads of pain killers, and rest in the villa. But it was amazing.

Today has been beautiful, restful.. I don’t have to do anything I can’t, as my travelling partner fully understands my limitations.. or as I like to put it “Ok on the outside, crap on the inside”…

After a gorgeous sleep in a wonderfully comfy bed, showering was a bit of a struggle today as it was a fab “Rain style” shower which some days would be been wonder ful but when feeling tired ( still from travelling) the rain fall really hurt my skin ( god that sounds pathetic and ungrateful) but I did it and am now laying on the bed, waiting for the sun to get a teechy bit more bearable and then I’m gonna lay out in it, hopefully taking in some much needed vitamin D.

I’ll keep you posted on my break and how travelling with Fibro is… however what I will say is..

I could cry with happiness… I’ll take all the pain, all the tablets, all the tiredness, all the everything for this.. as this is amazing..

I can really see why people “Go on Holiday” now.

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