Multiple battles

Sorry I’ve been quiet.

Ask the title says, I’m currently fighting multiple battles.

My mother’s dementia has progressed and the fight in the UK that you have to go through, just to get the correct care is harrowing. Not only that, people with cognitive illness (as well as other health issues) are seen as a big fat cash-cow for local authorities… they ransack savings, take the elderlys pensions, make them sell their homes – all while loudly stating the person’s health is not the issue – anyone with dementia is first and foremost in need of “Social care”… That’s how they get round it… so the fact my mother’s had strokes, has an enlarged heart, has been in and out of hospital because of COPD & Inoperable Gallstones, is on 6 different meds, hase bresthing help, doesn’t eat and is immobile; apparently she is just in need of “Social care” so the LA continues to take everything she worked her whole life for, leaving her with £2 a day. That’s the “Mum Battle” – fighting to get her proper care.

The health battle – I’ve had just under 6 weeks of feeling absolutely awful. My elbows hurt constantly, my legs feel like I’ve run a marathon all DAMN day and like they want to run a marathon at night. My Diverticulitis is in full flare and so is my allodynia ( try brushing you hair when you can’t lift your arms and your scalp feels on fire).

The kids battle – my daughter is in need of full on support as she takes on the NHS as she was almost killed by a routine operation. Something that is being blamed on “faulty equipment” – faulty equipment that led to her stomach filling with acid over 2 days and literally splitting open! I know, I was there holding it together…shes had numerous surgeries since and will suffer her whole life with related issues, yet no one is to blame except faulty equipment, which the hospital isn’t responsible for apparently.. I’m pushing for something to be done.

The charity battle… gathering sponsorships for events is sometimes wonderful as the businesses who come on board are lovely – but finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack.. It’s time consuming and them once I get it, it goes out pound for pound to help my non-profit support small UK charities.. I don’t earn anything. I’m not complaining, I’m just a little weary lately.

Anyhow. I’m so sorry for ranting..

It’s been a hard couple of weeks…

Onwards dear spoonie brothers and sisters – onwards x x

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