Emerald Eyes

Oh I have beautiful Emerald Eyes

I’ve loved them since I first knew they were part of me

I know it sounds odd, but they are not easily seen

They are hidden behind my hazel brown eyes

You see, as a child they arrived, but I didn’t know

I didn’t look in mirrors back then, so never realised

They appeared rarely then, as they do now

You see, they can only be seen if I

Give in.

Its funny because as I’ve come back from a “rest-room” or arrived “late” for an event

friends have commented on my Emerald Eyes…

They really are stunning.

Little do they know…

I’ve had a moment of weakness & given in…

Little do they know….

My Emerald Eyes are a source of little delight for me.

Little do they know….

The worst thing anyone can see – are my beautiful

Emerald Eyes.

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