Fall towards the Sky

Does anyone ever feel like they just need to let go?

I’ve had a good many days recently where my muscles have felt like they have been running miles even though I haven’t done anything strenuous at all..

My legs and hands are burning & aching,  my neck, shoulders, back & hips are all screaming at me to just lay down & suffer

BUT I push to do things – To do thing for others mainly, It keeps me sane – it keeps me going…

BUT every now & then something happens that just makes me wanna LEAVE….

I really have this feeling that if I could give my gravity away I would, I happily fall upwards, fall toward the sky.

All I can say is – Life isn’t fair… I don’t deserve this pain. I ain’t complaining, It is what it is….BUT sometimes, I wanna let go & fall upwards….


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