Of course I’m stressed, who wouldn’t be!

So this happened…

  • Hospital Appointment, arrived early only to be told I’m booked in to see “wrong” consultant & after a 4 month wait, I’ll need to wait for another appointment.
  • Nice receptionist felt sorry for me, went and asked “wrong” consultant to see me, as wasn’t my fault.
  • Half hour later, told “wrong” consultant will see me at end of surgery.
  • Waited for further hour. Called in.
  • “Wrong” consultant actually turns out to be just the “Right” consultant as he looks on MRI and examines me and announces I need emergency operation and how come not been brought in before now.
  • Asked to go back to waiting area, will get a letter handed to me with details of when to come in for pre-OP assessment.
  • In waiting area 5 minutes, get called through to go to Pre-Op assessment NOW ad operations booked for 2 weeks time ( yep he really meant – emergency).
  • Fill in a million forms.
  • Have height, weight, bloods taken.
  • Blood pressure and ecg.
  • 10 minutes later – told have FAILED pre-op… BP is too high ( not a shock as has been high since 17 and on meds since then), but should be managed ok as own Dr is pretty good. Maybe I’m a bit stressed coz of this mornings announcements (Ya think)?
  • Sent home with letters for GP to do BP first thing in Morning and call consultant secretary with them to ensure can have op on date booked.
  • Go to GP next day
  • Have BP done
  • Gp says fine and calls consultants secretary.
  • Consultants secretary says results are not within consultants parameters so cant keep operation date open.
  • Gp calls me to tell me.
  • I ask “what now”
  • Gp says “Not sure as we think BP is OK”
  • I call Hospital
  • They say “GP needs to help get BP down quick so you can have the Operation asap”
  • I call GP again
  • GP cant take call, get told “He will call you back”
  • 3 hours later a differ DR calls back and says “Let’s add in another medication to your mix and see what happens, come pick up a prescription tomorrow (Saturday) and try it for a week & we will take BP next Tuesday – see if that helps, BUT it usually takes a month to kick in”
  • Anyone wanna guess how stressed I am about now.

NO I didn’t go get the bloody extra meds, no I haven’t bothered calling the hospital, no I am not gonna chase the operation. No wonder people give up…

It’s a bloody joke.


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