Evenings in your room all alone

Something people with invisible illness have in common, regardless of what illness it is; is the disbelief of those most close to you.

The people around you, who you think would be most empathetic & would give you help when needed are most often the cruelest & least understanding.

I think this is because they simply cant see past the “Old You” so any time you’re in pjs sitting on the sofa, not moving.. to them you’re just being lazy.. or when you are having a bad day and feel sad & tired or in pain, you get no sympathy because you should be able to be OK, after-all, you dont have tubes coming out of you or stitches etc…. you are just looking like you are crumbling for no reason. Whereas people you meet on your #invisibleillness journey are so much more understanding..

They experience what you do..


I’m in my room, Alone as I cant even sit in my own lounge & watch TV in my pjs as my daughters are moaning they dont want to watch what I want to & when I said I dont feel right, I was greeted with “wow, look at the size of your violin”…

Inferring I was self pitying..

Self pity is something I NEVER do.

So I removed myself from that situation to the only place I can.. my bedroom..

No wonder people in pain are lonely…

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