Why YOU need to know bout Fibromyalgia

Having Fibromyalgia – I very often get angry at the misunderstanding & ignorance surrounding this illness..

Not only from media but from friends & family also.

Here are a few things that may help YOU & in turn help other fibro sufferers YOU come into contact with.

  • The cause of Fibromyalgia is unknown, but most “specialist” say that trigger factors include traumatic injury, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, such as lupus & graves disease, along with genetic factors.
  • There is NO CURE
  • Diagnosis can take anything between 1-10 years – mainly due to there being a multitude of symptoms which present as other illnesses.
  • Symptoms vary daily in both presentation & strength
  • Most common symptoms include widespread pain, headaches, stomach upsets, irregular sleep, tingling or numbness in hands & feet, difficulty in memory accuity (Fibro-fog), weight gain, flu-like feelings and of course depression.
  • If you “discover” a remedy online – please don’t share it to us, believe me WE HAVE looked at every possible way of self-help/medication/cure, as we are the ones suffering.
  • Many “specialists” in #Fibromyalgia (or GP’s who are ultimately left to medicate/manage the sufferer after diagnosis) have NOT got this illness &/or have not had a family member suffer – consequentially their understanding of it is very limited.. NOT all their advice is the best. We have to do a lot of research ourselves, we have to use trial & error in alternative therapies etc (Unlike people with other, more mainstream illnesses).


Lastly – please do not give us funny looks when we get up in pain & shift around as if we have been pummeled with a hammer…

Believe me, we don’t want to shuffle around, or shift from painful joint to painful joint…

Believe me, we don’t want to have to shake our hands in the air, just to stop the pins & needles that plague them.

Believe me, we don’t want to feel sick each day as we swallow tablet after tablet.

Believe me, we wish we were at that party, fete, gala – But just getting ready for an event can sometimes completely exhaust us.

Believe me, we MISS OUR Pre-Fibro selves a million times more than you do.

It’s a bereavement like loss for us….



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