High Functioning Depression

Someone said to me yesterday, in a random discussion about Fibromyalgia & my crappy 5 year journey with it…

“Have you considered High Functioning Depression”?

“Considered it? I’ve never heard of it….”

She continued – “I’ve known you a long time” (And she has), “and you do everything at 100 miles an hour, always appearing in control, yet over the last few years, you have withdrawn & changed”.

I stopped her there – “Of course I have – I am in pain, have put on a tonne of weight because of pain-killers, I have a million different ailments that have been chucked in the Fibromyalgia diagnosis bucket & can’t face people any more.. I’m lost.. What would YOU do?”…

“That’s my point”… She continued… “HFD could explain all of that”..

So I calmly stopped the conversation – BUT had a peek online when I got home..



Really feels very close to home 😦

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