I have a SuperPower

I am now VERY VERY used to “Friends” whom I have supported through their own challenges, careers & ambitions, completely disregarding me & avoiding the things I would like to have some help with..

Worse still, some have chosen such moral ambiguity to even enable them to raid my network, my chosen vocation & pathway for their own purposes.. Knowing (only due to that friendship) that This Spoonie cannot fight back as she once would.

I very rarely get angry about things like this – but sometimes I am aghast at how people behave.

Particularly people I know and who I have considered close friends, those who have wanted me to introduce them to my contacts from the world of media…
Then, I find find myself
truly ghosted in every sense of the word.

Left out of conversations, not at events etc.. things that would Never have happened has it not been for my interventions & connections. And whilst I am painfully (literally) aware that I now can’t attend many events , that’s a cheap shot to use it to further your own agendas surely.

However I know from conversations I am not the only person to notice it, the “circle” I travel in has!

After all, to go from almost daily conversations, being known as a supporting, functional part of a group, to then being seen to be absent… is glaring!

I dont know, maybe having Fibromyalgia is like having a superpower, I can certainly attract more vacuous people than ever before..

And that in turn makes the true gems SHINE even brighter!

One thought on “I have a SuperPower

  1. So sorry you are being treated like this. Sadly it seems common for those who have given a lot to be sidelined when they run into trouble. I have seen it with my other half who also has Fibro, as well as with a close friend who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I wish I could do more to help both of them in this.

    Keep on posting as what you write helps me and I am sure many others understand so many issuesb that affect those with a chronic illness.



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