Ooh Fibro you little liar you!

This morning, after an uncomfortable sleep ( The heat is making a difficult process even more difficult for many of us I am sure), I got up, showered and decided I had to catch up on some posters that needed creating for the charity fundraisers I support.

So I had a slice of last nights leftover pizza, took my gazillion tablets ( including strong painkillers) and sat down at my PC about 2 hours later than I wanted too..

However I then spent just over an hour an a half creating some gorgeous flyers and setting up some social media posts for the nonprofits I help out…

In that 90 minutes – FIBRO lied to me..

He pretended he had left.. so I stopped using my ” dragon speak” software (which is life changing, but laborious) and was typing like I used too..

Words flowed, designs appeared, things came together…it was wonderful…

Until all of a sudden I felt like someone had dipped my fingers in lava and at the same time had given me a swift kick in the buttocks…

Oh Fibro you little liar…

Now I am in the garden, with a cold drink… not because I like the sun – I decidedly don’t.. but because I had to stop, cry a bit and take some painkillers and because I don’t want to look at my “Home Office” right now… it makes me want to cry a LOT…

Imagine what I could do it this beast of an illness left me alone…

No wonder us spoonies get depressed…

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