Sad in Starbucks

I have ventured to the local sainsbury’s today, to try to get some shopping..

TRY being the operative word..

Just the trip has worn me out and now I am sitting in the attached coffee shop, with a cold coffee, feeling very sorry for myself.

I know I literally cannot walk round the store… and that burns me to my very core.

To all eyes I look like a normal woman just sitting sipping her drink, on her phone, enjoying her day.

But right now, my legs someone has knee’ed them constantly (remember the “Dead-leg” fad from school – Imagine that being inflicted multiple times, from your ankle to your buttocks).

My neck feels like it cant hold the weight of my head.

My elbows are hurting in a way I simply cannot describe.

My fingers are burning at the knuckles ( typing is NOT helping BUT this is cathartic, its stopping me from crying).

And on top of all.of this I am biding my time before trying to get up from this chair without looking like I’ve shat myself… as I know I’m gonna fail to be graceful…

All the while I look OK..

I’m so so fed up of this pain..

I’m so sad in Starbucks.

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