When exactly do you go see a Dr?

After now having severe stomach upsets for nearly 8 months, joined by pain in my legs so severe I sometimes cry just as I get up from seated & I make little “hmmm” pain noises as I walk (so my daughters tell me), I am at my wits end with this pain. …

Bear in mind this is on top of the horrible list of shitty things I have everyday already such as sore joints, including fibro-fog, lethargy, painful neck, painful chest & back, hypertension, fluctuating body temperature, allodynia & dumping syndrome (the last one is as awful as it sounds)…

So, I am wondering do I go back to the Dr?

This is the Dr who when I approached them in January about the stomach issues, took some bloods & stool samples & then text me saying “all was as expected for someone with my conditions”.

So I went in to get a better idea of what that meant & was told – “All was as expected for someone with my illnesses”..

No offers of assistance or “light at the end of a very painful, cramping tunnel” – Just a sort of “Go away” from the practice receptionist. Now let me quickly say – I don’t blame the receptionist who didn’t want to book an appointment for me, as to her (she doesn’t know my story) – I do “LOOK OK” – BUT My dr (or one of the many you get shoved in to see) surely must realise that just to say ” All was as expected for someone with my illnesses” doesn’t stop the pain for the patient????.

So – despite my looking ok – I’m popping painkillers like candy (up to 8-10 Paracetamol a day if I need to go out for any reason, along with Aspirin’s & rubbing in copious amounts of Volterol gel). Plus I’ve put on MORE weight (as its painful walking etc) which is as depressing as hell & also has lead to being even more sedentary, which adds to the pain of sitting!

So, do I go back?

Well there’s the question – Sadly from my own experience & the experience of others – Fibromyalgia & other Chronic pain illnesses are sometimes a “bucket” that many symptoms are chucked into & that bucket is handed to you by the medical profession to walk away with, along with MANY MANY medications..

So off you pop – nice & quietly!

Living with Fibromyalgia is challenging enough without this extra “Can I , Can’t I ” see my GP when I’m ill,without worrying about being believed… Quandary.

Having new symptoms brushed aside is unfortunately an all-too-common experience among those of us with fibromyalgia & it adds insult to injury (literally).

Thank George I have “Dragon-Speak” on my PC & this forum to be able to vent… I don’t know what I would do… I know I don’t want to burden my kids & friends – so its you my Spoonie & blogging brothers & sisters….

Thank you X



I went to see the DR & all my symptoms got chucked in the “Fibro-Bucket”…

Didn’t even bother to take my temperature, blood-pressure, bloods – NOTHING – That even despite me failing my pre-op at the hospital, 3 times in the last 4 months for an “emergency surgery”..

Just a “go away & come back in 4 weeks”

Seriously – this illness is just FKING awful

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