My “Go To” calming place

When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which if you read my blog you will know was 5 years ago, I was told about some of the awful things to expect and that there will be years and years of the medications ahead…

What you are not told about is how to manage on the days ( weeks ) when the pain, stiffness, stomach upsets, brain fog and the stresses of the world really get to you.

I can really understand how people in pain take to alcohol or drugs to cope.. I can really understand how some people sink into a depression…..

The sheer lack of empathy from people is astounding.. if we wore our illness like the battle scars it causes – the bruises and scars would be so horrific, empathy, sympathy, support would be there without a second thought. BUT the very fact that our pain is invisible is the very slap in the face that pushes many of us over the edge…

However I find a “Go To” when I am feeling Ill, stressed, depressed or misunderstood is absolutely paramount to my maintaining a semblance of control..

For me it can be a song ( usually George Michael ) or a series ( Dr Who – Matt Smith is my fave ).

So today I am making my way through Dr Who numer 11 again as the last week has been particularly painful.

Thank you for these amazing art forms…

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