Checking in

So I’m sitting here, writing this as I wait to be checked in for my umpteenth hospital visit this year..

Funnily enough ( or not, if you dont have the same sense of black, ironic humour as me) this is not a Fibromyalgia related visit but one that thousands of women dread monthly in the UK. Yep I’m at the Breast clinic.. Joy’s of being “lumpy” lol.

However I choose not to worry, I choose to sail through without worry as at the moment there is nothing to worry about… at the moment its just random drs and nurses pulling and prodding and making weird faces..

To me I find it quite amusing…

However – the walk to the clinic within the grounds of the hospital, from where I parked my car was NOT funny… the pain in my legs is bloody horrendous and has been for months… I am waiting for a dr to come back from holiday ( as last dr I saw was so dismissive I didnt even tell him about my pain and symptoms, I just saw his eyes glaze over when he read on his screen “Fibromyalgia: and the way he folded his arms and nodded said it all).

So I’m here nursing my incredibly sore limbs, trying not to cry because of that pain…

Life is full of irony.

Well I am full of “FK YOU’s” and I won’t be beaten…

Xx Big up my spoonie brothers and sisters for all we go through x x

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