Morning Sunrise

There used to he days where I would be up at the crack of dawn, hurtling around my house, getting kids ready for school, getting myself ready for work.

I’d think nothing of hopping out of bed the second my eyes opened, nothing of bolting into the bathroom and jumping in the shower before the hullabaloo of getting 3 children up and ready to be bundled into the car, to be dropped at various breakfast clubs then to speed off to work…

It was easy, it was necessary, it was …. life….


I am less… a fading ghost.. an non-person..

Today I am awake at the crack of dawn, but I am stuck in my bed, unable to move properly.. Today I am cracking my limbs out of the rigour I have fell into over night, today I know I am going to be in pain all day.

So I push my aching joints, it takes just over 35 minutes to crack my way out of bed.

I thank George for the rails on the stairs in my home today as I hold them whilst making my way gingerly downstairs.. with the single thought coursing through my head “Painkillers and Coffee”…

So today I saw a beautiful sunrise, albeit through the most of pain that hadn’t yet subsided..

Things like that remind me, life is beautiful.

Even if its painful a lot of the time.

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