The Rose Centre

Today is the afternoon of being prodded and poked – a dodgy Breast Mammogram will do that for you…

It’s a rotten enough experience, to be called back within days of a bulk standard routine scan, BUT my fibro-inflicted, painful, shaking legs are adding to the annoyances as I can’t really stand still as the extended “special” mammogram is being taken…

This isn’t just a squash & squeeze, Its lean & hold your breath as the machine jumps taking a number of cross-section images…

Yeah – Its immense fun when your body is fighting you… The pain my boob is in right now is pretty damn awful.

Add to that the pain of the actual mammogram itself…

( Bloody fibro, I know it’s not that awful, but my illness is making it literally burn).


So now I’m waiting on the consultant, to find out if a scan or even biopsies are needed

Oh how I’m looking forward to that!

In my years before I ghosted, this would not have phased me one little bit, in fact now i look and sound like I’m absolutely chilled with it all… But I’m in abject pain…

BUT Don’t confuse it for worry..


So, I had the ultrasounds (I saw the mass) and the consensus from the consultant  was – let’s get this out now!

Which is GOOD as it means its a cyst – not cancer..

So the consultant asks if it’s ok to do it without painkillers or anaesthetic as they both can “muddy the waters”..

Yep – I know this will cause me days of pain BUT I want this done & finished…


Here I am after they have done the deed and yes all looks good…

I am exhausted and going home..

I have a hole in my boob ( tiny teeny one) and I’m A-OK – so I count my blessings…

However I am extremely tired …

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