Beta-Blockers – Lets add another med to the mix

So im now 5 months after the day when a consultant told me I needed surgery as my deviated septum was leaning so badly to one side – it was no wonder I had had 5 bouts of sinusitis in 2 years & am on constant painkillers & steroid/saline sprays etc.

This little gem of a problem is in conjunction with all the others I have – so great news all round! ( Sarcasm).

So they booked me in 3 times so far BUT my blood pressure (despite all the tablets for it) is still too high & they have refused to sedate me..

So along come Beta-Blockers.

Beta blockers work mainly by slowing down the heart.

They do this by blocking the action of hormones like adrenaline.

Now that last line hurt!

Us Spoonies are slow & fed up at all times so anything that robs us of Adrenaline is so very disturbing… BUT I’ve been told I have to do it 😦

Ill keep you posted… Today is day 7 and Im very flushed…

So not only am I slow, tired, fed-up & fat I now look like a tomato.

Oh the joys!

PMA peeps PMA!

(Thank you dragon-speak, inst-filters & my touch-screen pc – without you my life would be total, “lets not do this” shite)



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