Busy Day – Necessary Day

Today I have forced myself out of bed early ( actually I shifted my night and went to bed 3 hours earlier than usual so I could get out earlier the next day).

I’ve worked through the painful cracking by crying and getting dressed, putting face on and getting my bag together, at the same time.. it’s a weird world us spoonies inhabit!

So why have I done this thing, this thing that will almost 99% lead to 2-3 days of not being able to move….

I’ll tell you, as I sit here in Costa eating toast and taking my 12 breakfast tablets…

Today I am speaking to a reporter, a good one! A reporter who is trying to shake up the fundraising community ( top end) so they are more honest and open about what they do, who they pay, how they pay them and why…

I have been advised by a few people not to do this, as it may hurt my own group of volunteers (some companies who do make money from charity may be very upset) BUT I’ve also been applauded by many I’ve spoken to about it – predominantly the small charities and groups myself and the group of volunteers I have around me, try to support.

I’m not anti capitalism in any way, I’ve always had a healthy interest in politics ( if you are a parent how can you not)? However I really believe in honestly, openness and in allowing people to have all the information before they make a choice… for me that translates to charitable giving.. absolutely it should be the fundamental of donating..

“Heres my £40 donation”

“Thank you, that will be split 25% to the charity, 25% to the marketing company, 25% to the ceo, 25%to the cost of the people we get to advertise our charity”

Would you still give that £40? If the answer is yes, good on you, it’s your choice! But at least you had the choice..

Many times there is no transparency and that’s my problem..


I’ve eaten my breakfast meds, sat nursing a flat white in Costa for half an hour and now need to drive to meet these people..

I really hope it works out.. I mean, it’s not just a finger-pointing exercise, for me it’s a celebration of everyone who donates the most precious gift ever, not money, not food, not prizes… Time… volunteers are unbelievable people.

Volunteers are bloody amazing and that’s what needs to be celebrated.


Heres hoping my spoonie brothers and sisters have a lovely day.


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