The bad for the good

It’s my Birthday tomorrow, and a friend of mine suggested we go visit a friend we havent seen in a while over the weekend.

So I’ve been Syching myself up for the weekend for a few days.. you know, not doing too much, saving my spoons etc..

So on Saturday I drove for an hour and half ( after taking all my meds) and went to my friends home…

I had a great evening, myself, 2 friends, a table in the garden with a bottle of prosecco and a takeaway… it was lovely….

They were amazing, checking I was ok, did I need to move, did I need any cushions etc etc .. these are the friends who are worth their bloody weight in gold.

Sunday I drove home after taking my meds, we stopped halfway for a break as my legs were hurting- But she never complained, in fact she walked slowly with me to the motorway services and we sat with a coffee..

Once I got home, I showered and went to bed early.. slaughtered.

Today I have got up after a broken nights sleep… painful, unfulfilling and so NOT refreshing. I am on the sofa now, painful legs, headache, arms are heavy and weirdly I have bruising on my hands ( which have been on fire for a few days and voltarol gel painkiller has stopped working).

So I know I have a few days now of feeling pretty bad…

BUT I’ll take a week of bad for that one night of good…

Why, because good friends are bloody hard to find when you have fibromyalgia…

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