Stressed -DWP Compliance

I’ve been contacted by the DWP Compliance dept for info..

I know they have to check everyone, Crikey Im the first to shout “Open & Honest” on everything I do & say.. BUT It’s so stressful.

Tbh I really think that the Dr’s & “specialists might be right..

When you get ill, you should just give up, take your meds & drift off to “Der Der” land..

The fact I’ve kept my small business live (in huge debt) & did not disband it & the fact I run the non-profit (from my bed) is working against me always.

I should have just laid down & gave in.

Its my birthday today & today I am stressed to the hilt – BUT my friends & family won’t know it…

Oh no they won’t…

My Fibromyalgia & associated shite life will NOT affect them



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